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Keeping up with Time

A new title “Keeping up with Time” has now been published and released to the website. The book is also available through book retailers in the UK like Waterstones, Foyles etc. The link to Amazon UK website is

Keeping Up with Time: Rahman, Anisur: 9781838468613: Books

The excerpt of the book is:

At the present time, we see that facts are quite often manipulated and even manufactured to suit the purposes of the presenter. The mendacious molestation of facts, which is generally called the ‘alternative truths’, alters the perception of events and makes readers deeply suspicious of the authenticity of events. So, there is a need to bring out unadulterated basic facts so that readers can whet their appetite with truth. This book, Keeping up with Time, is an attempt to keep the discerning readers abreast with modern day issues, bare facts, basic analyses and unbiased opinions.

A wide variety of topical issues, articles, essays and blogs were presented in the book. Each one of these topics deals with issues where only factual and verified information was used and, as far as possible, complex issues have been dissected, simplified and explained in a clear and succinct way for the readers.

The book has been divided into three sections entitled ‘On Science and Technology’, ‘On Global Issues’, and ‘On Religion’. Each section has its own Glossary of Terms where difficult and unfamiliar terms and items have been explained, so that the topics in that section can be fully appreciated.

In the ‘On Science and Technology’ section, a wide range of technical issues of interest such as the black hole, gravitational waves, dark matter and dark energy, everything from nothing, entropy and the arrow of time etc. are presented. The most up to date information and research results have been incorporated and presented in a clear and succinct way.

In the ‘On Global Issues’ section, topics such as the inequality and inequity in capitalism, Solzhenitsyn’s views on communism, Tagore’s philosophical views, frailty in democracy, Orwellian viii dystopia, the illusion of reality, human population and many more are presented. As can be seen, some of the articles deal with historical events, while others look to the future.

In the ‘On Religion’ section, topics such as science and Islam, religion and morality, religious excesses in Islam, Einstein’s views on religion, the brutality of religious fanatics etc., are covered. In this section, views and opinions have been expressed somewhat provocatively; some readers may find that somewhat abrasive. But that was the purpose – to shake out the age-old views to bring people out of their comfort zones. But scrupulous attempts have been made to use only verified information and views.

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