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Donald Trump’s true colour

It is said that a man should be known not by the colour of his skin, but by the colour of his inner self. Donald Trump is no exception. Although his skin colour is white, but the colour of his inner self is absolutely dreadful – a dark vicious colour full of stinking rotting garbage discarded by civilised human beings over the centuries. His rotten mind or brain is the repository of all that is nasty and despicable that decent human beings had shamefully chucked out, but eagerly absorbed and assimilated by this white supremacist and his cabal.

One does not need to dig deep into the history to find out his colour, the short 10 minutes briefing that he gave on May 29, 2020 at the White House lawn would expose his true colour. Of course, one may bring out other associated issues that he gorged out previously to put the spectrum of his colour, but I will concentrate here on his recent briefing.

When the White House announced that the president would give a briefing on a wide range of topical issues, the American radio, television and newspaper journalists as well as major world media journalists were present at the venue. After more than 50 minutes delay (no apology offered), the president arrived at the podium surrounded by his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who stood in military attention next to him and a few other body guards surrounded him. It looked like a mafia godfather appearing in public with his security guards around him with fingers on the triggers.

The president concentrated exclusively on China bashing and dishing out lies and innuendoes on China. The gist of his speech was this: China produced this coronavirus (Covid-19) streak in Wuhan and then exported that to America and Europe (to draw Europe into his fold). To prove the credibility of his claim, he asked rhetorically why then there were no coronavirus cases in other cities and towns in China and only in America and Europe? He implied that infected Chinese people were then sent to America and Europe to spread the disease.

The idiocy of the argument is that how could China send their citizens (with coronavirus infection) without American connivance? Didn’t America give those supposedly infected Chinese nationals the visas after medical tests? With visa records for the months of January, February and March 2020, America could easily find out the individuals, the places they visited and how the virus had spread, rather than making imbecile and unsubstantiated claim of China’s export of this disease.

It may be mentioned that Mike Pompeo had been spreading this lie from the end of April that there was “a significant amount of evidence” that the coronavirus had emerged from a Chinese laboratory, but he never disclosed what that evidence was. The US intelligence agencies concluded and reported that it was not a man-made virus. A German spy agency (BND) casts doubt on the American accusation that the virus, COVID-19, originated in a Chinese laboratory. In fact, the German intelligence report prepared for the German Defence Minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, concluded that the U.S. accusations were a deliberate attempt to divert public attention away from President Donald Trump’s “own failures”. Prof. Tasuku Honjo, Japanese Nobel Laureate in 2018 in Medicine or Physiology, had categorically refuted the false claim that had been circulating in the social media that he said that “Covid-19 is man-made and not natural”. Honjo said, “In the wake of the pain, economic loss and unprecedented global suffering caused by Covid-19 pandemic, I am greatly saddened that my name and that of Tokyo University have been used to spread false accusations and mis-information”. The five nations’ joint spy agency representing US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand would not support Pompeo’s claim.

Even if we assume that China did produce the virus, couldn’t white Americans carry the virus back to America? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of white Americans working in Wuhan province on various collaborative projects or on outsourced American companies. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese-origin Americans who may go back and forth between America and China. But they are Americans. The racist president Donald Trump may deny that and call them Chinese, but he is blatantly wrong. He asked a Chinese American reporter working for the CNN in America to ask the question ‘why so many Americans are dying now?’ to the Chinese government, which is blatantly a racist comment.

Donald Trump raised the issue of why there were no cases in China, apart from Wuhan. His knowledge base and information feedback are very poor. There were cases in Beijing and in other cities. But what China did immediately after the identification of the virus was to lockdown the whole city of Wuhan, a city of more than 10 million people, completely. The western press (including American’s) started saying that the measure was excessive and, in any case, it was only possible because China was an autocratic state; in a democratic state it would not be possible. However, China contained the virus, but in democratic America (!) with Donald Trump as the president, people are dying in droves.

Donald Trump did not take any measure to contain the virus from January until the middle of March, but was bragging that America was well prepared to tackle the virus. He was advising people in tweets that they should take it as flu. When people started dying in New York underground carriages from Covid-19, he blamed the NY Mayor for not taking measures in time!

This is the president who was blaming China for this virus, when his own country was in flames. Race riots were raging for four nights (against the killing of an unarmed Afro-American man by a white police officer) in Minneapolis and in all other big cities when he made that statement; but he said not a single word to address those aggrieved rioters. On the other hand, three days ago (6th day of unrest), he tweeted that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting begins’ and that inflamed the anger of the protesters even more. Now, the riot has spread to more than 70 cities and towns in America, curfew had been imposed and the National Guards had been called in to quell the race riots. The country is in flames, but the racist president wants to punish the Afro-Americans with the ‘severest weapon’. On last Friday night, the rioters came round the White House to show their anger, started burning cars and mayhem followed. The security police had to take the president to the underground bunker of the white house for his security. From the bunker, he possibly wanted to deploy Army in the streets of America! So far is his jingoism!

In matters of foreign policy, this president is an abject failure. He had torn up the nuclear deal with Iran that took years of patient and delicate negotiations between the 5+1 states (including America) and Iran. The deal was going through nicely to completion until this man came along and threw the whole thing into fire.

This man denies global warming and claims that climate change is a fictious thing.  He has withdrawn America from Paris Climate Agreement. In fact, immediately after becoming president he restarted the coal fired stations in America spewing millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. He negated the efforts of scores of nations cutting down the greenhouse gas emission. He is in effect a saboteur and enemy of the people.

Only a few days ago, he terminated all associations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the egregious claim that WHO collaborated with China on the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all the nations on earth wanted to go through the raging pandemic now and control it and then carryout an investigation on WHO activities, but this president would have none of it and throw the spanner into the ring.

Altogether, this is the man who is damaging not only the earth and humanity immeasurably, but also America itself inexorably. This man came to power with the banner proclaiming “America first, America first”. At the end of his term of presidency at the end of this year, America may well find itself to be the nation which had been most severely damaged economically, socially and politically more than any other nation by this man. This man is on record of brandishing Mexicans as “murderers and rapists” and calling Muslims the terrorists. All of these character traits show the true colour of this vile narcissistic racist xenophobic megalomaniac president.

–             Dr A Rahman is an author and a columnist.

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Is Donald Trump making America a pariah state?

The 72nd session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly is taking place now in New York, from 19th to 25 September 2017, where heads of states and/or very senior representatives from 193 countries are going to discuss and debate issues of concern to the world of today. The main theme for this session had been earmarked as, “Focussing on people, striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet”. The key words to note on this theme are ‘peace’, ‘decent life for people’ and ‘sustainable planet’.


Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, had given his speech on the floor of the United Nations on 19th September. The speech would stand out as the most unconventional, obnoxious and full of thuggery that any known head of state had ever given to the UN General Assembly.

On top of his self-aggrandisement for the victory in the presidential election using his “America first” slogan, he exhorted world leaders to go likewise for their individual “countries first” (thereby abrogating multilateralism)! This is the most ill-conceived advice and a recipe for international discord. But this is the mild part of his speech, when one considers what is to come next.

On North Korea, he blustered that US is ready, willing and able to totally destroy that country, but hopefully that will not be necessary. He seemed to have nudged United Nations to support him by saying, “that is what the UN is all about; that is what the UN is for; let’s see how they do”. In other words, he was asking the UN to do his bidding and allow him to do what he is capable of doing in destroying another member of the UN. He also insulted the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, labelling him a “rocket man” who is “on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime”.  North Korea’s two allotted seats were empty as they were not interested in hearing what the American president has to say.

That is not all for Donald Trump. He denounced the nuclear deal that Barack Obama along with Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and France signed with Iran and called that deal as the “worst ever” deal. He gave the impression that he may abrogate the deal. He then berated the Iranian government as a “corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy” and urged the Iranian people to overthrow the government.

A day later when the Iranian president, Hasan Rouhani, stood to deliver his speech, he answered quite clearly that Trump’s speech was ‘ignorant, absurd and hateful’.  He said that should America walks away from the nuclear deal his country would respond “decisively and resolutely” by reviving the nuclear activities Iran had abandoned under the deal.

Donald Trump also castigated Venezuelan leadership as a “corrupt regime” which turned a prosperous country into an impoverished country. Venezuelan response is yet to come.

Donald Trump’s speech has been roundly condemned by allies of America as well as those states who are not in good terms with America. French president, Emmanuel Macron, said that the nuclear deal with Iran is a fair deal and if it is made to collapse, a nuclear standoff as serious as the Korean peninsula might develop here. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, although normally highly diplomatic, defended the Iranian deal and commented on Trump’s bluster on North Korea as “I am against threats of this kind”. Even Theresa May and Boris Johnson, who would bend backwards to support any American statements, said that Donald Trump’s speech was not helpful and Iranian deal should not be thrown away.

However, Trump received support from the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for his stand on abrogating the Iranian deal. Netanyahu had a blazing row with Barack Obama when he signed the nuclear deal, as Israel was vying for a fight and destroy Iran. Then Saudi Arabia joined in to support America (and Israel) against Iran – so much for the Saudi’s self-aggrandised role as the custodian of the two holy mosques in Islam!

Donald Trump a couple of months ago pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement on the ground that he considers global warming is nothing but fake. He wants to revive the coal industry and employ hundreds of thousands of Americans as miners and ‘make America great again’! Such massive job opportunities would look marvellous for his re-election! That the environmental damage the CO2 emission would inflict and hurricanes like Katrina, Irma, Maria and many more would be a regular affair do not bother a xenophobic character like Donald Trump.

So much for upholding the principles of the UN General Assembly session by advancing ‘peace, decent life for people and sustainable planet’ by Donald Trump! Even Israeli prime minister admitted that in his 30 years of attending UN General Assembly meetings he had never come across anything like this. America was never a country which other countries would truly regard as friend. But this time Trump is taking America to a different planet and making America a pariah state.

–    apaxmanuk